Real Estate ‘nearby’ search on your mobile device

iPhone screen shot
iPhone screen shot

Thinking you’d like to move this year? Not certain which neighborhood or community? My real estate web site is now optimized for your mobile devices – serving you 24/7. You can see what’s for sale based on where you are.

Imagine this. You’re out & about in Sarasota County or Manatee County – driving, bicycling, walking – on an errand, visiting someone, exploring, taking in the sites. Oh look! That house with the for sale sign looks very interesting. Or perhaps you think, Hmm, this might be the right neighborhood for me/my family. You can immediately access property information on your mobile phone, or your tablet with cellular service. Just stop in a safe place and open my web site in your browser. (Safari, Google, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) The URL to type is

Next, touch/click the GPS search icon. (See the red arrows in the photo at left.) No address needed. Merely click on the GPS search icon. When asked to allow my site to use your device location services, click “okay”. After a bit of a pause while the site recognizes your location, the nearby homes/condos available for sale will appear. Scroll through. Read the summaries. View photos. Read more details. Use the email form to ask for more.

For quick future access, please save my web site as one of your favorites. My aim is serving your real estate goals. To help you buy your next home. To help you sell your current home. To that end, my web site has a fresh look and is now optimized for mobile devices – phones & tablets. Information is available to you 24/7. Data is updated daily. Gathering pertinent data is a valuable tool to making good real estate decisions. When we work together, my focus is on meeting your real estate needs/wants.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell, there are additional features and potential benefits of using my web site. I’ll share more information soon. Meanwhile, please poke around and discover other ways it will serve you.

So let’s stay in touch. I check email several times each day. However, a faster response may be possible via phone or text. 941.400.0805